Frequently Asked Questions

Are Baby Aahar’s food products homemade?

Yes absolutely. All the products of Baby Aahar are prepared freshly at home under proper hygienic conditions.


Is there any additional preservatives in food?

No. Our food products are completely free of any preservative, added chemicals, artificial flavours, colours, refined sugar or salt. We produce what’s best for your child, hence you can feel safe to add our products to your child’s diet.


How to store the product after receiving the package?

Once you receive the product, we advise that you transfer the contents to an air tight container immediately. You can also refer the storage instructions on the packet as it may be differ for each product.


What is the introduction to solid food?

When it comes to solid foods, all the products which have an age recommendation of 6+ years are best suited to add in your child’s diet. These are Rice cereal, Oats, Ragi cereal, Soya cereal, Urad dal cereal, Banana wheat cereal, Instant daliya khichdi, Moong dal khichdi and Pancake mix.


What food product can I take while travelling with the baby?

When you are travelling with the baby, we recommend you to carry instant food ranges which are healthy and come with easy preparation. Some instant food products from Baby Aahar are Instant daliya khichdi, Instant moong dal khichdi, Instant makhana, Instant soya cereal, Instant wheat oat cereal, Oats, Banana wheat cereal and Ragi cereal. When we say instant, we mean it. You simply need to add the content mix in hot water and mix it. The food will be ready to serve.


What if my baby gets an allergy to any of the product?

Firstly, we highly advise parents to check the list of ingredients on the packet or in the description on the website before feeding it to the child. If your child is allergic to certain ingredient in the food, do not serve the food at all. Secondly, if due to lack of understanding or by any chance your child gets an allergy to any of the product, then DON’T PANIC. Consult to the doctor, know which ingredient caused the allergy and stop giving it to your child further.


Can we add sugar and salt while preparing?

No, you should not add any salt or sugar while preparing if you baby is below 1 year of age. However, you can add salt (very less) for babies above 1 year of age and for flavour and natural sweetness, we recommend you to add Jaggery, Dried dates powder or raw banana powder as per your choice.


Can I trust baby aahar?

At baby aahar, we are passionate about providing top notch nutrition to the children. We understand how difficult it is for mothers to constantly make sure that her child is getting enough nutrients. We understand how a working mother struggles to take time out of her busy schedule to look after her child. We are just trying to help those mothers worldwide by providing a wide range of tasty and healthy food products to choose from to make their each day a little less tiring. As said, our products are absolutely free from added preservative and chemicals and are prepared at home under proper hygienic conditions. We want nothing but your trust in return so that we can keep making healthier products for your babies.