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Baby Aahar speaks your needs

Homemade, preservative-free instant baby food

Baby Aahar solve two major issues with infants and toddlers, which are time and nutrition. Our motto is a minimum effort with maximum nutrition, with which we aim to combat malnutrition in children right from the start.


With 72% of infants anaemic in India, we need to create a healthy lifestyle for children. In this era, where even natural air is dangerous, how can you trust preservatives added pouches as nutrition for your children?

Our brand promises to earn this trust with our no added preservatives products and to never fail our most important customers, mothers. We do not compromise at either flavour or nutrition. We aim for a happy feeding experience by mothers and a jolly eating experience for little drooling babies!


Our Approach

All women recently promoted to mothers, did you know your newborn baby’s stomach is the size of a cherry? Wouldn’t you want to fill it with the most nutritious meals?

We at Baby Aahar understand how tough motherhood is and the responsibility it brings upon mothers, for which one is never ready. All the books and articles you have read yet have become blur with your child constantly crying and your kitchen a mess. Don’t worry, we have got the perfect solution for you!

With our team’s first-hand experience and flawless execution, we have arrived at your doorstep with a line of carefully curated products for your little ones! Whether Mumma is on duty today or Dada, parenting is a full-time job. With our trusted products and a mom-approved stamp, we just made it easier for parents to feed their young children at the go.


Meet the Team

Baby Aahar has been given birth by Meenal Khandelwal & Ashima Sethi. Together, the sisters have started on a mission to create healthy eating habits amongst kids right from birth & provide relief to mothers worldwide! They have simply converted their ambitions to value creating solutions.

Co-founder, Baby Aahar

With nothing but sheer love and enthusiasm for kids, Co-founder Meenal khandelwal’s passion of providing healthy lifestyle to kids took a professional turn. She believes in providing the best nutrition to children and manages the selection of ingredients to preparation of products with utmost honesty and sincerity.

Meenal is a full time Digital Marketer and a young entrepreneur who is determined in building a differentiated solution that provides the nutrition necessary for the healthy and happy growth of children.

Ashima Sethi

Co-founder, Baby Aahar


As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, Cofounder Ashima Sethi turned entrepreneur purely in quest to find the best food for her baby and now offers a wide range of homemade baby food products. Nutrition is a key for babies’ development. Hence, found from the desire to nourish her little girl, she has now made it her mission to support babies and MOTHERS worldwide.

Ashima is a full time entrepreneur and believes that good nutrition is the cornerstone for healthy habits throughout a kid’s life.

Join our Mumma Aahar Family

Stand by us as we guide each other towards a healthy lifestyle and making the world a better place for our little ones.

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