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5 Things New Moms Never Talk About

From the moment you see that positive pregnancy test, or for some of us even long before that, we start to read and prepare as much as we can for the noble phase of motherhood. These “Instagram moms” tend to make it look so easy.

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How Moms Can Find “ME” Time

Many moms are unable to find their “me” time. and this then grows up to big problems making many “moms” feel that after having a lid they have stopped living there own lives. But it is not so, as this period is very short. It’s

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Tips To Get Your Baby To Bottle Feed

Breastfed babies can be very uncomfortable about changing to a bottle. You cannot really blame them because after all: after so many weeks of getting the good stuff freshly from a warm, comfortable source, it must be quite irritating to open your mouth for food

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Why is your baby sleepless?

Every baby is always on a constant feeding and sleep wake cycle. Newborns sleep between 10 to 18 hours in a day and it’s perfectly normal to do so. They tend to stay awake for a maximum time period of three hours at a go.

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Adoptive Parents Guide

Adoptive Parents Guide To The First Weeks Home

To have a newborn join your family is exciting. But if you’re an adoptive parent, it would feel extra exciting. Finally, all those hurdles you jumped over and the long years of waiting have finally paid off. Just think, that there is no more worrying

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How to Make Your Own Baby Food?

Your baby has a smaller appetite than you do and still somehow, you find yourself spending more on baby food than you spend on your own appetite. But luckily, we at Baby Aahar have found a pretty easy alternative to buying the overpriced, tiny jars

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When is your child ready to be left alone?

Well Staying home and that too alone is a major milestone for both the kids and their parents. India does not have a minimum age at which you can legally leave your child home alone and the decision is totally upon you as parents. So

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Why it is important to provide physical touch to your baby?

When kids are small, they thrive in environments wherever their wants for food, shelter, and covering are met, and wherever they are treated with respect and kindness. A lesser well – known issue that additionally has a control on children’s development is that the importance

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Vitamin C Benefits And Where Will You Find It?

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin. It plays an important role in human health. Vitamin C has become the most controversial vitamin in recent years. This is because of the claims and counterclaims on the use of vitamin C in mega-doses to cure everything

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We are proud of your single mom

Why Single Mom is difficult? And not only did I do all the job during the day, but there was no one there once they slept to assist me clean up the hurricane-house, fold the endless laundry baskets, or remember to switch the dishwasher on

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Thinking to send your child to preschool?

What is your main purpose to send him/her to preschool? At a preschool, the baby is encircled by a number of other children, educators, and employees. It’s different from home where only a child has the parents ‘ business and a few family members. Exposure

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Secret 10 tips for best motherhood

When a lady becomes a mother, she always wishes to be the one whom her kids inspire the most. And she also wishes that the time period of being a mother in the early stages goes well without any stress and worries. Every mother struggles

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One Year Baby Gifting Ideas

Introduction- When a baby is born, it is a moment of celebration. As the baby grows, he/she constantly learn and develop new things. Now when it comes to gift something to a one-year-old baby, it is very challenging. To help you find the best gift,

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Mindful Parenting: How to Respond Instead of React

What looks like your stress? Our bodies and brains are wired as a safety net to respond to high stress circumstances. If our brain sees a danger, it will signal the amygdala, the “alarm” system of the body that tells our body to behave without

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Is my baby ready for pre-school?

Pre-school is the initial step of the schooling of a kid. Usually, pre-schools take the admission of kids when they turn 2 or 2.5 years of age but it doesn’t really mean your kid gets ready before for the pre-school. Pre-school helps to develop important

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I doubt my husband! The answer you need to know

The life of every couple is very happy and blissfull unless a doubt comes into the frame. And this doubt might lead to worries and make you feel insecure. If you don’t talk and sort your issues until then everything would get pile up and

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Do you think your husband is cheating on you?

What triggers you? In every relationship, of course, the signs of cheating look distinct, but there are some popular threads you can look for. I’ll tell you this first and foremost: if your gut informs you that your partner is cheating, it might be correct.

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How to select a diaper for my baby?

  When there is a baby in the house then it is very obvious that it requires a change of diapers at least 10 times a day. And if calculating for the whole week then it sums up to 70 diapers a week and so

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