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10 Tips to Handle a Stubborn Baby

Introduction – If you are a parent then you would have possibly addressed your fair proportion of tantrums, meltdowns, and freakouts of your kid. Emotional regulation could be a talent we have that we need to learn and there are children who take longer to

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8 Reasons Why Biscuits Are Not Good For Babies

It’s been a long time, equivalent to an era, where we’ve been consuming this easily available anywhere food. But we all know the saying that there is something wrong with things that come to easy. Well, that’s how it is here as well. Remember those

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Why wait until Six Months for Solids?

Doctors usually recommend solid foods for infants after the age of six months. Infants usually push out solids out of their mouths using their tongue initially. When an infant reaches the six month mark, infants can take in solids and his/her body requires complementary food

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15 Weight Gaining Food for Babies 

How to identify your baby is underweight? Parents often face the dilemma of lack of weight gain in their infants and toddlers. In some cases, particularly if the child’s weight is below the third percentile, lack of weight gain can be a genuine concern. In

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Toys for Babies (starting from 3 Months to 12 Months)

Baby toys are an important tool for development of a child since birth. They play a vital role in development of a child’s cognitive, emotional, social and physical development. Toys provide an opportunity to learn by engaging a child’s senses and encouraging them to interact

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All you need to know about thumb sucking.

Why babies suck thumb? We often see babies sucking their thumbs and wonder if we should stop them or not? Thumb sucking is very common in infants and toddlers and it is very normal. It’s a comfort mechanism that psychologists say mimics the feel-good effects

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All you need to know about teething

Teething is an ordinary component of a child’s growth, but when your child is in pain or awkward, it can be difficult for everyone. When she’s teething, not only is your child additional fussy, but she may also be a pickier eater than usual. While

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How to have a stress-free parenting life?

It’s interesting, interesting and beautiful to make the leap from coupledom to baby-makes-three. It’s exhausting, exasperating, and worrisome as well— a mixture that can be poisonous to the romantic connection that first made you parents. First of all, the bad news: it takes a lot

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MOTHERHOOD Motherhood is an achievement in itself. All mothers spend ridiculous amounts of time reading books about babies and their habits. While that is commendable, there is one thing all mothers should know, motherhood isn’t a straightjacket formula that will apply same to all the

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